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No snow where you are? No good trails to ride through fresh powder? Don’t worry — we’ve got your fix.

Whether you’re in Southern California or you’re like me and have a freeze-thaw-freeze parfait of old snow and ice lurking underfoot to trip you up, today’s Helmet Cam should satisfy your desire to go for a nice blood-pumping canter through fresh snowfall.

This video takes us to Kupres, Bosnia, down a gorgeous trail that looks like it just received plenty of snowfall. The original video poster was on holiday and described to interested viewers that the horses were barefoot and didn’t seem to suffer from a lot of snow balling into their feet, meaning that everyone could just enjoy the scenery!

Cantering through the snow in Kupres, Bosnia last week ????

Posted by Tally Gorvin on Friday, January 5, 2018

If you ever do get the opportunity to go cantering through the snow, don’t hesitate — take it! But if until then, the good helmet cam recorders of the world are here for you.

Go riding!

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