SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Happy #JointHealthJanuary

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To help educate horse owners about equine joint health and the best practices for keeping our partners happy, healthy and sound, our friends at SmartPak have declared January as Joint Health Month! SmartPak’s website and social media are chock-full of great information and educational articles about equine joint health, from which conditions can affect joint mobility, how to choose the right supplements for your horse and how to make sure you’re prepared for a lameness exam with your veterinarian. Check out all of the information that SmartPak has to offer at the blog!

Here are a few of our favorites:

The Absorption of Oral Joint Supplements: “I’ve included a research paper here that I think speaks to your question of whether there’s any advantage to giving MSM to a horse in training. The researchers concluded that jumping exercise could induce harmful effects on horses, probably due to an increase in oxidative damage and proinflammatory molecules and that MSM could exert some protective effect on oxidative and inflammatory exercise-induced injury. The antioxidant benefits of MSM apply to all tissues, including the joints.” Read Dr. Lydia Gray’s full response here.

Choosing the Right Joint Supplement: “Choosing a joint supplement for a senior horse can be challenging. You can make the task easier by asking yourself these questions: Is my horse retired, being lightly ridden, or still actively competing in rated shows? Does my senior horse have any stiffness or comfort issues?” Read all of the considerations plus tips on which supplements to pick here.

And of course, enter to win a free month of joint supplement with SmartPak’s sweepstakes: click here!

SmartPak has plenty of educational articles plus a wide array of joint supplements to choose from to keep your horse feeling his best. Head to today!

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