Best of JN: A Farewell to Forlap

Gregory Wathelet on Forlap. PC: Stefano Grasso/LGCT

Gregory Wathelet announced last week that his esteemed world cup partner and dear friend Forlap passed away to a lunging accident in December, stunning the horse world with the loss of such an enormous talent.

According to Gregory’s statement on his website, the gelding suffered an accident at home, and for a month the team did everything they could to get the Belgian warmblood sound enough to enjoy a proper retirement, but as is often the case with catastrophic leg injuries in horses, the complications were as insurmountable as the initial injury itself, and the decision was made to put Forlap down.

“Today I’m so sad and sick of your departure that I still have to realize that you will no longer be there. I have the impression I lost my best friend, or even a family member,” said Gregory on his website following Forlap’s death.

“A lot of people will miss you here at the stables and even outside. But for me you will always be there somewhere in my heart and thoughts. I wish you all the best in your next life. Thank you for everything you gave me. Forlap, I really love you a lot… I already miss you so much.”

In their final year together, Gregory and Forlap qualified for and finished 7th at the FEI World Cup Final, and took second in the LGCT Grand Prix in Doha – a class they might have won if not for a small slip between fences. Forlap’s unfortunate injury was just days later.

Appreciate this final, magnificent performance between a star-crossed pair. We will always remember your partnership, Greg and Forlap, and are sending all our love to your team.

Go Forlap.

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