Photo Challenge: 44 Horses Loving the Winter Wonderland

Let it snow, let it snow!

Snow can be a big inconvenience: it can transform roads into slippery hazards, make barn chores take four times as long and limit your winter plans big-time if you’re not used to it. But when we forget about all of those things and just enjoy the beauty of it all, snow can be a gift! Here are 44 horses who agree.

One of my Cheval Canadiens (Saguenay Eve Yukon Jospatriote) eats up the powder like only a Canadian can!
Photo cred Kimberly Beldam via my GoPro

This is the most snow we have ever received in Nashville, TN.
Photo credit: Kimblery Odom

Sarah Jutz: Robert frolicking in the snow
Photo credit: Allie Goin

Photo by Stacey Chepren

Photo by L. Ganss

Photo credit Susan Dickenson

My horse loves playing in the snow in Minnesota. Photo by Chloe Laurent

Photo by Sara Perkins

Ashlie Yancy: Me and my boy photo credit to my husband Brad Yancy

Shyma. Photo by Sara Bever

Oscar, Hoot, and Spartan all coming to see Mom at the gate. Photo by Elizabeth Ann

Here’s my girl Hannah a several years ago. Photo credit Christine Jordan

Luke, Mocha and Tikka enjoying the sun on a -20C day.
Photo credit: MaryAnn Isaacson

Tuffy, Sunday and Chief with the snow zoomies! Photo by Suzanne Horne

Photo by Anne Ross Stone

Missouri Foxtrotters handle the snow just fine!
Photo by Carrie Carpenter.

Snow Flurries
Ohio- Photo Credit: Brooke Lanning

Pony-cicle who absolutely would not come in the barn. Photo by Sandy Gorman Patmore

Peekaboo! It’s Mr. Ed! Photo by Jill Pearson

Smoke and Diesel playing. Photo credit: Katelyn Bischoff

Jennifer absolutely loves rolling and running around in the snow! Photo credit Erin Parkin

Photo by Kassidy Smith

Forget the warm run in shed and huge round bale in it… Outlaw loves the snow. Photo by Ellise Spauling

This is my shotgun boy. He loves just about any wrather. He gets frisky with the snow. Photo by Jena Hall

Photo by Jojo VanGinkel

Photo by Kara Corpman

My qh gelding Harley in the most snow we have ever had. We are in savannah ga. He was cool with it, the mares hated it. Photo by Lynn Thompson

Onyx sticking his tongue out at me saying, “Nanny-nanny poo-poo, I’m enjoying the cold, are YOU?” Photo by Alana Rachel

American Saddlebred “Late Night Champagne” loves the snow! Photo by Kayla Webb

A little snow sass! Photo by Jan Harris

Fancy enjoying the first real snowfall we had this year. Photo by Meaghan Anne

Emily Pearson:
PC: Chloe J Laurent

Chloe’s impersonation of a snow plow. Photo by Sheryl MacMahon Savino

Jen Soper: Princess Willow and her snow unicorn Dooley owned by Nancy Jarrow. PC Anita Kalonaros

beautiful sunset on a snowy evening. Panda waiting to come in for the night- New Hampshire. Photo by Tiffany Coroka

Marshall is a snow lover, he hates the heat. Photo by Jesse Coe

Taking advantage of the warmer weather and fluffy snow ❄????????

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Sophie loves playing in the snow ❄️

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Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday afternoon on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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