World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam

If this isn’t the most Australia thing you’ve seen today, please, by all means, let us know what was.

Horse people are an unusual lot (yeah, I know, understatement of the year). We can stand in an open gateway with nothing but our arms, growly voice and a lead rope and attempt to turn the tide of a galloping herd; we’ve had one-sided shouting matches with horses who are a little too eager to dig into their daily grain; we climb on the backs of 1200-pound (or more, or less) animals for leisure and recreation.

So this little guy is no problem. Turn the sound up and get ready to laugh at this exasperated horsewoman shooing her arena visitor back out into the shrubs where he belongs.


Posted by Clair Arnold on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Literally, this is the same voice I use to get the barn cats out of my tack room. #AustraliaProblems, my friends. It’s comforting to know that wherever we are in the world, we’re still basically living the same struggle.

Go riding!

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