3 Farm Maintenance Resolutions That Will Save You Time and Money in 2018

We’re pleased to introduce our newest sponsor, Lighthoof Equine Mud Management! Kelly Munro of Lighthoof brings us three farm tips for a happier, healthier, more horsey 2018.

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Forget losing ten pounds, cleaning out your sock drawer, calling your mother more, and all of those other silly new year’s resolutions that don’t matter to us equestrians. What you need is more time to ride and more money to buy stuff for your horse.

Here are three farm maintenance new year’s resolutions that will save you time and money in 2018 so that you can spend more of it in the saddle!

1. Implement Feeding Systems to Prevent Hay Waste

Feeding loose hay can result in hay wastage of approximately 25%. This happens when hay is spread around and mixed in with manure, mud, or dirty bedding. Using a plastic feeder, hay net, or slow grazer can dramatically reduce both your feed and your bedding waste. The other benefit is that it can keep your hay cleaner to reduce the chance of your horse ingesting particulate matter that could lead to impaction colic.

For more ideas on saving money on feeding your horse, check out Lighthoof’s article: The #1 Way to Reduce Feed Costs

2. Do a Safety Check on Turnouts and Stalls

Chances are you don’t walk your turnouts every day or spend a lot of time (not mucking) in your stalls. This means that there might be sharp edges or weak points in your fence that have cropped up without your knowledge. Schedule a regular safety check to find these things before your horses does. Implementing a system for safety checks will inevitably save you money on vet bills and prevent layups for your horse.

3. Install a Mud Management Solution in Your High Traffic Areas

Don’t spend 2018 battling mud on your farm. You can plan to install a permanent mud management solution, like Lighthoof, in your highest traffic areas. This solid base will be a healthier surface for your horse, make chores easier and quicker, and keep you from having to spread new gravel or bark constantly to keep things passable. You’ll also save time grooming and keep your horse’s hooves and skin from developing bacterial infections!

Even if you just resolve to focus on one of these ideas, you will reap the rewards all year long in 2018, giving you more freedom to be with your horse — instead of just taking care of him!

Happy New Year!

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