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Need a no-time-to-shop-or-ship gift idea? SmartPak to the rescue!

Did your list run a little long this year and time a little short? Did you just look at the calendar and realize that Christmas is exactly a week away? Have a tricky horse or rider on your gift list that’s difficult to shop for? Don’t worry — no matter what your holiday calamity, SmartPak is here to help. A SmartPak gift certificate is just the thing!

  • Customizable: choose from four card styles/disciplines to pick the perfect look for your giftee, and select any amount from $15 to $1,000 if they’ve been very good this year.
  • Classy: shipped gift cards arrive in style in their own boxes for top-notch presentation that really makes a gift special
  • Fast: SmartPak always has fast shipping, but there’s also an eCertificate option for truly last-minute orders, with the gift code arriving in your rider’s inbox any time!
  • Versatile: SmartPak gift cards do not expire, may be combined with other SmartPak gift cards and balances on gift cards can be automatically applied to the rider’s account and saved for future orders.

How can you go wrong? If you need a gift idea that gives your rider exactly what they want or need this year, don’t wait: head over to SmartPak and order your gift card today!

Go SmartPak, and go riding!

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