Tuesday Video: Cutest Cowboy of the Internet

Keep an eye out for this cowboy-in-the-making in the 2030 National Finals Rodeo.

Friendly Horse Nation disclaimer: Horse Nation encourages the use of a certified riding helmet for all riders, especially youth.

There is no better pick-me-up than a good pony video on the internet — pair that pony with a rootin’ tootin’ cowboy in training and consider me tickled. Check out this future bronc rider, Bronc Ryder DeMers (yes that is his ever adorable name), giving the arena a go!

4-Year-Old Bronc DeMers Saddle Bronc Riding Day 2 at Junior NFR

4-yr-old Bronc Ryder DeMers wins the internet for today.That is a 4-yr-old bareback riding, people—and his name is Bronc Ryder. He's destined for greatness.

Posted by FloRodeo on Friday, December 8, 2017

I wish I would’ve been this tough as a four-year-old. Ryder is living up to his name with pretty darn awesome form right out of the gate. This little pony isn’t taking it easy on him either — with the all powerful quick-leggedness of a sassy pony he shoots out ready to rumble and unseat his teeny tiny rider. But Bronc Ryder hangs on tight, with a slightly scary tumble at the end that he managed to come out of unscathed. And the crowd LOVED him, naturally.

The #horseshowhusband Wayne swears up and down that none of our future sons will ride horses, but I bet if I show him this I could get him on board!

Go riding.

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