Christmas Gift Guide for the Clueless: A Gift for Every Discipline

Shopping for the horse lover in your life should be easy — at least that’s what we at Horse Nation think! With that in mind, HN’s Meagan DeLisle has hunted high and low for the best equestrian Christmas gifts for 2017 to mark one more thing off of your list. This week, Meagan has selected items that are bound to wow the equestrian you are shopping for, no matter what discipline they enjoy!

For the Hunter Prince/Princess

The hunters are all about clean lines and classic style — which can actually make shopping for them a tad difficult. But not this year! Any equestrian is bound to love a custom tack trunk monogram from Swanky Saddle Co. With a wide range of style options between the $35-$45 mark, you can help polish off your hunter lover’s style without breaking the bank. I personally LOVE the scroll tack trunk monogram and am hoping to find it in my Christmas stocking this year (MAJOR HINT, FAMILY…)

Screenshot from Swanky Saddle Co.

Make Your Jumper Jump for Joy

I’m a jumper so I took personal pride in picking out this present suggestion. You cannot go wrong with a custom jumper bonnet from FUN Bonnets! Rhonda is super easy to work with and her customization options are endless. While the wait can be a bit long for your bonnet to arrive (she is one woman crocheting each bonnet by hand, after all) they are totally worth the wait. Have a custom bonnet created in your jumper’s favorite colors or even snag a gift certificate so they can select their own options. Prices start at $30 Canadian and can go up as high as you want depending on customization options. The two I have ordered have been about $48 USD and have been pretty darn snazzy. Take a look at some photos from her gallery and see all the beautiful work she has done!

Screenshot from FUN Bonnets

Dressage Queens for the Win (And a Little Something for Dressage Kings Too!)

I am secretly envious of dressage riders… they get to have the most elegant style, while still rocking a little bling, of course! Wow the dressage lover in your life this year with a beautiful black bridle number holder, complete with Swarvoski crystals made by Hamag! It is the little details that really rock your dressage style and any proper Dressage Queen will LOVE this simple, yet snazzy addition to their show ring turnout. And at $54.00 from our pals at World Equestrian Brands, it is a steal.

But don’t worry, Hamag makes a blingless version for the Dressage Kings in the ring (or the DQ who likes to keep it simple and classy) for just $42.00.

Crazy About Cross Country

If the person you are shopping for is an eventer, you know that they have quite a bit of stuff. With three disciplines to display over the course of a weekend, eventers have to stock up on essentials and attempt to not misplace them as they scurry around the showgrounds. I LOVE this ring-ready backpack by Majyk Equipe. With a stretchable front pocket for your helmet and adjustable boot pockets on the sides (these are perfect for your horse’s boots, but your own tall boots can fit in here as well!), you can find a home for almost all of your ringside needs in this bag, making this an essential item for any horse lover. Add the gift of simplicity to your eventer’s life with this awesome storage solution for $59.99.

Loving Life on the Trail

For many horse lovers, there is nothing more relaxing than a nice ride down the trail with friends. If you have ever trail ridden, however, you will quickly realize how difficult it can be to find a home for all of your extras — including your choice of refreshment! Consider investing in a handmade drink holder that attaches to your saddle for the trail lover in your life, like this one from SodaBrookTack on Etsy. SodaBrookTack offers many different design options so you can perfectly customize this work of art to match your tack or personality. Simple attach to your saddle and go, freeing up your hands to enjoy the trail! Starting at $45.00, these leather drink holders can be as affordable or as expensive as your heart desires.

Photo via SodaBrookTack

Every Cowboy’s/Cowgirl’s Dream

Even though I have taken a short hiatus from my dabbling in competitive ranch riding, that hasn’t stopped me from scanning the internet for my perfect western wear. CR Ranchwear makes some of the most beautiful tailored shirts for men and women — one of these designs are sure to impress this Christmas season. At an average $169 for women and $179 for men, they are a bit of a pricier purchase, but their quality and gorgeous designs totally make the investment worth it. There is truly something for everyone, whether they ride on the ranch or in the arena. And if that is a bit out of your price point, you can snag a gift card from their website for the amount you are comfortable spending!

A little something for the ladies….

…and a little something for the guys! Screenshots via CR Ranchwear.

Big Horse? No Problem.

Shoping for draft horse lovers can get a bit tricky. Some people ride their drafts while some people drive them — and then you run into the issue of having to buy two of everything! With that in mind, I decided to hunt for something neutral that anyone who appreciates the draft breeds would enjoy. That is when it hit me! Every Christmas I am tagged in a photo of this beautiful draft horse wreath made by The Pine Branch on Etsy. Timeless and full of holiday spirit, this wreath makes a wonderful gift at just $72.00. And The Pine Branch offers lots of other options for customization as well — so let your creative juices flow and make the perfect gift for that someone special.

Photo via The Pine Branch

So get your shopping on this holiday season and start crossing some names off your list! And keep an eye out for further editions of our Christmas Gift Guides for the Clueless for other gift suggestions.

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