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Quite possibly one of the most entertaining individuals in training and reining today, Dan James wowed the crowd in Oklahoma City at the NRHA Futurity Freestyle — don’t miss this performance aboard Don Magnum!

Ever since Double Dan Horsemanship blazed its way into the USA from Australia, the horse world has been raving over Dan Steers and Dan James — their Aussie brand of natural horsemanship has horses following their bidding for everything from liberty Roman riding to rearing on command to quietly standing for the famous cracking of the bullwhip.

The Dans — Dan James in particular — soon crossed over into the reining world, discovering a brand-new discipline in which their variety of horsemanship (and love for dramatic flair) was well appreciated. Dan James’s freestyle reining routines have been bringing tears to eyes for a few years now, especially when he signs off each pattern with his signature riderless spin.

You know what, we’ll stop talking about it, and just let you watch one — this is Dan James’s most recent performance, the freestyle at the NRHA Futurity in Oklahoma City, displaying the trainability, disposition and harmonious relationship he has with Don Magnum.

We had a fantastic time watching the freestyle reining in OKC last night, there were some great performances, but my favorite was Dan James run! what a great horseman and person, he always impresses me. I have truley enjoyed being able to spend time with him and learn more this past couple weeks, i am always working on myself and appreciate everyone that keeps that happening. Thank you Elizabeth James​​ for sharing him with us for so long, i know you and that beautiful baby girl will be happy when he is home again soon. we missed you and can’t wait for you to be able to stay with us next.

Posted by Miranda Holaday-Lyon on Friday, December 1, 2017

When we say he came in “with guns blazing,” we can’t bring you anything more literal than that.

Double Dan Horsemanship’s reining performances both entertain and educate, showing reining fans just what is possible with a harmonious partnership with the horse. We can’t wait to see how they’ll raise the bar next.

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