Christmas Gift Guide for the Clueless: Back Again to Save Christmas 2017!

For equestrians, Christmas is the time of year where we can recieve on the goodies we would never buy for ourselves. While we think shopping for us is easy, for the non-equestrian it can be a bit daunting. As Christmas catalogs fill your mailbox lined with pages and pages of gift suggestions, it is easy to feel a bit overwhelmed by the idea of buying a horse-related gift for your child, best friend, significant other, or coworker. Luckily, Meagan DeLisle has brought back the Christmas Gift Guide for the Clueless series and has scoured the internet to secure gift ideas that will make your Christmas shopping just a wee bit easier.

In our intro gift guide, we will be sharing our favorite gifts $50 and under to help you find the perfect gift that won’t break the bank. Equestrian approved, these gifts are bound to bring a smile to any horse lovers face!

Personalized Saddle Pad

Buying a saddle pad sounds easy enough, but for the non equestrian it can be a bit confusing. Half pads? All purpose pads? Vented pads? Where do you start? Since most specialty pads are customized to the horse, it is easiest to go with your basic all-purpose pad for the English riding equestrian in your life. And trust me — if there is one thing that equestrians love more than another saddle pad for their collection, it is a personalized saddle pad.

Screencapture from SmartPak

Our friends at SmartPak offer tons of different options when it comes to saddle pads and custom embroidery, but one of our favorites is the SmartPak Medium Diamond saddle pads, both in all purpose and dressage! I personally hoard this pad in many different colors and has found it is perfect by itself or paired with a half-pad if necessary. And you can’t beat the base price of $19.95 for all purpose and $24.95 for dressage!

Personalization can be as simple as just a name embroidered on one side (either the name of the horse or the rider is 100% acceptable) or you can go as fancy as a monogram or even the image of a discipline or horse’s brand. The cost of personalization varies depending on the complexity, but with even the most expensive option your customized gift will come in under $50 total. For bonus points, scour the color options and pick a pad that matches your rider’s show colors!

Spunky T-Shirts

A horse girl can never use too many comfy tees with horsey themes! Check out this adorable Barn Hair Don’t Care t-shirt from HorseDoodles on Etsy. This tee is perfect for any horse lover, no matter what discipline they prefer — and they are unisex! Pick their favorite color at checkout to tailor the gift just for them.

Screencapture from HorseDoodles on Etsy

The reviews on HorseDoodle’s Etsy shop all highly recommend any of their t-shirts, so sneak on over and snag one up! At $16.95, this tee won’t break the bank and would be perfect rolled up in a stocking or wrapped with a cute bow.

Brushes Just for Them

Every equestrian gives their horse a good grooming and what better way to bring a smile to their face every day than with a set of two personalized grooming brushes. BlueRidgeEngraving on Etsy has a gorgeous set for $50 that are crafted out of beautiful wood and would make a great addition to any grooming kit.

Screencapture from BlueRidgeEngraving on Etsy

You can even personalize with a logo if your equestrian has their own farm logo they like to sport around at home or shows. (Can someone print out a copy of this and give it to my husband Wayne? Hint hint… )

Give the Gift of Equine Comfort

For many, Christmas brings thoughts of watching the snow fall by a warm fire — but for equestrians all we can think about is keeping our ponies warm and comfortable! Help bring comfort home with an adorable bit warmer for the four legged love of your friend’s life. Check out the options BarHDesigns on Etsy has on their shop. Just pop one of these bad boys in the microwave for a minute and wrap around your horses bit to bring some warmth to the metal. You can buy just the bit warmer for $15.00, or the bitwarmer and handwarmer combo for $18.00!

Screencapture from BarHDesigns on Etsy

A Horsey Home

The worst part about doing these gift guides is that I wind up stumbling onto things I wind up buying for myself, like this SUPER CUTE personalized pillow that features the one true love in any equestrian’s life — their horse.

Screencapture from 3toSew on Etsy

This is the perfect gift for an equestrian who has just settled into a new home or loves to decorate their house with something other than horse hair in the winter. At $25.00 from 3toSew on Etsy, this pillow is a bargain that will be a treasured piece in any horse lovers home.

A Little Christmas Cheer

I am a total Christmas nut so I love giving or getting ornaments as gifts around the holidays. What better ornament to give than one personalized to your equestrians best friend? We featured an ornament in one of our gift guides last year from madeknownloved on Etsy that was a big hit among our readers! This year we are also featuring a new ornament from EquineExpressionsbyD on Etsy.

Screencapture from EquineExpressionsbyD on Etsy

These metal ornaments are beautifully constructed and have a nice rustic touch to them. They would be great for any equestrian no matter their age, gender, or discipline and would give that tree a special touch.

No matter who you are shopping for, one of these gifts will most definitely bring some Christmas joy to any equestrian. Keep an eye out for our discipline specific gift guide, our gift guide for significant others, and our non-horsey gifts equestrians love guides that will be released as we get closer to the holidays.

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