Happy December 1: We Made It Through Another #NoStirrupNovember!

Pat yourselves on the back, Horse Nation —  December 1 never looked so good, and by “good” we mean strong, with a well-developed leg, independent seat and core of steel.

No-Stirrup November has its critics, and we understand why. Without a good game plan and just a desire to yank the stirrups off the saddle, it’s easy to get into trouble, from a sore-backed horse to a bad experience to even falling off (not that we don’t fall off all the time anyway, but you know what we mean).

But when you do No-Stirrup November right, the rewards can be truly amazing. Check out some of the social media highlights from the conclusion of #NoStirrupNovember, from the new heights we reached…

Penny and Winetou showing us how #nostirrupnovember is done! Schooling with @julianagler330

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…to even the youngest among us learning the benefits:

There were some moments of self-doubt:

But for most of us, those crossed leathers were a badge of honor that we wore proudly…

Last couple days of #nostirrupnovember ! #hunterlanestables #horsesofhls @berit.hall

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Today is the last day of #nostirrupnovember! Did you participate?!? ????

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…except for those of us who took them off completely.

Look ma no stirrups! #nostirrupnovember ????

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My part for #nostirrupnovember #theadventuresofollieandmolly #bathequestriancenter #draftcross #shirefoxmerlo #shirecross

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We made it another year — we’re another year stronger, wiser, and more ready than ever to be the best riders our horses deserve.

Did some #nostirrupnovember with Bronster ????

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Enjoy those stirrups… and go riding!

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