A Little Christmas Magic by Horseware

Recapture that childhood sense of Christmas magic this holiday season, courtesy of our friends at Horseware!

Nothing gets me in the holiday spirit more than the first real snowfall of the winter — for a few moments at least, I put out of my mind the mud that will meet me at the farm, the need to appropriately blanket the horses and making sure the water doesn’t freeze over, and I simply appreciate the beauty of those big flakes as they swirl in the air and gently fall to the ground.

For anyone not in a wintery climate who still wants to recapture that sense of childlike wonder at the changing of the seasons, the beauty of a decorated tree and of course the magic that comes with spending a special moment on horseback, we have just the thing — courtesy of our friends at Horseware!

From Horseware: “‘Tis the season! They’re back! Make sure you check out the magic that #teamhorseware has been up to in the lead up to Christmas this year in this fun video! Follow them as they grant #horsewarewishes all season long.”

There. NOW we’re in the holiday spirit. Go Horseware, and go riding!

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