Photo Challenge: 46 Postcard-Worthy Equine Cloudscapes

This is one photo challenge subject we could see ourselves holding over… and over… and over again. Check out these jaw-dropper gorgeous shots courtesy of our readers!

Blue skies are great… but true beauty can’t be found without at least a little bit of cloud. There’s probably a good metaphor in there for horse life and life in general, but we’ll leave that open to your interpretation.

In the meantime: check out these incredible photos submitted by readers!

Margaret Wilson: I took this photo of the clouds then noticed my horse Oliver standing in the foreground.

Photo by Silver Stebbins

Photo by Brittany McKerlie

Mare in sunset. Photo by Matthew Maiello

Note the barns at the bottom (it’s what makes I️t a horsey pic) credit Anna Hall.

Atlas (OTTB) enjoys long walks across the pasture and sunlit grass tuffs of deliciousness
Photo credit: Audrey Anderson

Aradia Diane Willard: Taken by me earlier today. Sugar on the left, Georgie on the right.

Denise Lawson Frank: I took this two years ago of my 24 year old OTTB

Hannah Brizzee: I took this on a cool fall night

Photo by Amy Dulan at Sundog Ranch in Northern Michigan.

Sara Perkins: Photo by me in Maine

Lisa Clatworthy: First ride back after car accident in June. Love my boy. Photo credit my daughter Meighan Clatworthy

Rain and Polly photo by Troi Huber

Denny at home. Photo by Lexi Poteat Pejnovic

Photo by Denise Tasca Mathieu of Bobby in South Glastonbury, Connecticut

A crazy windstorm blew in when I went out to see the horses, so here they are bolting to the shelter! Photo by Meredith Conrad

Foggy, snowy morning. That is the moon setting. Photo by Joy Treadway

Storm approach. My 3 took cover in their run in shed. Photo by Jackie Wammock

Enjoying a little horse therapy in Nevada. Photo by Lorie Gostin

“Sunflower Fields”
Photo credit Rita Cooper

Photo credit: Michelle Hayes

PC: Tiffany Gook

Galaxy at Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue. Photo by Emily Bernstein

Evening clouds, crescent moon, favorite ears! Photo by Teresa Griffith

Sunset grazing. Photo by Erika Truong

Photo by Denise Kirby


Playing with one of my lovely Hanoverian mares Feliz before the storm. Photo by Jen Fischer-Moore

Clyde, WL, and Baby Bug beneath stormy skies. Photo by Kristin Case

Alyssa DiFranco: I took this photo of my mare, Phoenix and her baby, Embers back on early summer.

My mare Lucy on early spring grazing. Photo by Sarah Wells

I caught this sunrise coming down the driveway to feed – photo by Amelia Studdard

Storm clouds gather over the Wynnewood, OK rodeo parade. Photo by Patricia Franz

sunset last night in St. Charles, IL + garden stake….. photo cred to Patricia Bunge

Coming in the back lane of the farm. Photo by Sara Campbell

Ace enjoying the autumn Florida sun…. and lots and lots of grass. Photo taken by Kristen Pierce

Descending one of the many cinder cones of the San Francisco Volcanic Field, Flagstaff, Arizona. Photo by Mary Williams

My horses grazing in a pasture at my farm in Huntingtown, Maryland. Photo by Karen Larkins

XC at the beautiful Texas Rose Horse Park. Photo by Meredith Wilkes Tipton

My piece of paradise! #horsenation #cloudscapes #paintpony #rescuepony #heavenisridingahorse

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Sunrise Samson Photo by me #horsenation #oldiebutgoodie

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Monday’s should be for this all the time????❤️ #calypsofarm #horsenation #ottb #hudsonvalley #clouds

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You just can’t beat this view #calypsofarm #horsenation #ottb #hudsonvalley

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Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday afternoon on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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