Tuesday Video: Even More Fun With Poles

Tristan the Wonder Horse just keeps on raising the bar for those of us looking at a winter spent in the indoor.

Colder weather is coming, with short days and early sunsets and all the other trappings of horse life in the winter. Gone may be the days of lazy hacks out in the field or perfect sun-soaked schools in the outdoor arena, replaced with the relative confinement of the indoor arena and its artificial lighting if we ever want to throw a leg over our horses again before spring.

The indoor doesn’t have to be an endless series of circles, however. Kelly Shetter-Ruiz of Carpe Diem Training and her Tristan “the Wonder Horse” have become internet famous for their intricate ground pole exercises, and it looks like Kelly and Tristan are repurposing some leftover Halloween decorations as well. (We’re wondering if there will be an inflatable Santa in February — fingers crossed.)

Friendly reminder: start small and build slowly with ground pole exercises, especially if your horse is not accustomed to stepping over. Carpe Diem Training has many helpful exercises and good tips on Facebook.

Tristan the Wonder Horse and Fun with Ground Poles! Straight line, serpentine, and a spook plus a little sass in the flying changes. Silly boy!❤

Posted by Kelley Shetter-Ruiz on Thursday, November 23, 2017

Go Tristan the Wonder Horse! And go riding.

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