Best of JN: Grand Prix Rider, Meet 9HH Pony

Kristin Hardin does things her own way, dances to the beat of her own drum, and is definitely the “Mac n Cheese”-colored crayon in a box full of beiges.

If you don’t follow the bizarre and delightful antics of Kristin on Facebook, then you’re missing her kite-flying lunge sessions with her world cup winner Bert, her wildly talented children who could out-jump most well trained adults, and maybe my favorite Halloween costume of 2017, the deranged lead line stage-mom.

Posted by Kristin Medall Simpson-Ferguson Hardin on Monday, November 13, 2017

But what you really can’t miss is a recent casual escapade with friends involving a teeny tiny paint pony who is exceptionally willing to put up with any number of shenanigans, and the words “can you put put the box up?”

Yes, enjoy this Grand Prix Show Jumper clearing a flower filler box on a teeny tiny fuzzball. You’re welcome.

⭐️Dream big , but always Keep your feet on the ground ????

Posted by Kristin Medall Simpson-Ferguson Hardin on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

You do you, Kristin. And to the rest of y’all: You do you, too, and Go Jumping.

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