Tuesday Video: ‘Ability, Not Disability’

Grab some tissues, Horse Nation, because this one’s a doozy.

Angelika Trabert was born without legs — but horse lovers know no bounds, and Angelika was bitten by the “horse bug”at a young age, never letting her physical limitations actually limit her at all. She’s ridden in multiple Paralympics, holds down a job and finds time not only to ride but to travel as well.

While Angelika receives some help with the physical aspects of horse care, there seem to be many tasks she can handle herself — such as a polo wrapping, thanks in part to an understanding and quiet horse.

Watch this video narrated by Angelika herself as she explains her life motto: “it’s ability, not disability, that counts.”

Born with no legs: 'Look upon your abilities'.

"If I sit on a horse, I'm free". Born with no legs, Angelika Trabert is now a medal-winning Paralympian – and an anaesthetist. Her motto is "it's ability, not disability, that counts".????(via BBC Lifestyle & Health News)

Posted by BBC News on Saturday, October 21, 2017

Angelika, you’re an inspiration. Go riding!

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