#NoStirrupNovember: Week Two

We’re almost at the halfway point — how are your legs holding up? Here’s our latest social media roundup so you can commiserate with your fellow riders.

Happy #NoStirrupNovember! Equestrians all over the world are united this month in the full-body pain of dropping our stirrups and working to improve our equitation, balance and strength. As they say for… well, pretty much everything, no pain = no gain. If you’re working without stirrups this month even a little bit, tag your posts on social media with #NoStirrupNovember and we’ll share our favorites each week.

We’re hovering right around the halfway point for the month — we hope by now that the initial struggle might be behind you and that you’re starting to notice some gains and strength where you might not have had it before! Whether you’re still hobbling around your daily life or you’re riding on top of the world, we hope you find encouragement and a few laughs with us.

Harvey #nostirrupnovember

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So I guess #nostirrupnovember helped!! Great job this weekend Leah!

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#nostirrupnovember is in full swing at #freedomgatefarm #legworkout #makesyoustronger 11/11/17

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And so it begins… #NoStirrupNovember #feeltheburn #workout #basics #fundamentals #foundation #torture

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Drop those stirrups, and go riding!

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