Photo Challenge: The Rainbow Connection

Why are there so many horses with rainbows? Because that was the subject of this week’s photo challenge, and the results are awesome.

The “rainbow” photo challenge is a prompt that we’ve repeated almost annually, because the photos are too sweet not to revisit on a yearly basis. This year was no different!

Photo by Michelle Marion Layton

Holly Young: Photo by Holy Radevore

Jessica White Phillips: Photo by Heather Craig

Photo by Steph Côté

Photo by Anna Hall

Christina Herold: Photo Credit Sophie Wtight

Photo by Shannon Weston

Photo by Becky J. Cocklin

Photo by Allison Howson

Wesley Schroeder: Jessica Lee who was helping me break her, took the photo

Photo by Kristine Thomas

Kim N Genesis: Photo taken by Kim Havis

Drill team practice. Photo by Kersten Flodin

My Arabian Tariq. Photo by Kris Stapelberg

A little girl daydreaming on her ‘ponicorn’ is at the end of this rainbow. PC: Jessica Austin

My muddy little Arab at the end of the rainbow. Photo by Anita Langley Leadbetter

My pasture and Welsh cobs. Photo by Susan Hughes

Kate Page: This is my Olliver. I lost him unexpectedly a few weeks ago and this is one of the favorite pictures I took of him during our time together. He was truly my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Photo by Christie Schulte Kappert

Redman. Photo by Candice Collard

If you look closely you can see our 2 horses below this one. Photo by Allison Bruce

Photo by Katie McIntyre

My horse Brilliant Dream aka Harry. Photo by Elizabeth O’Connor

Photo credit to Michelle Hayes

Photo credit: Megan Theriot

PC Britt Grable

Slippy – Icelandic horse – photo by Heidi Benson.

Photo by Melissa Hutchinson

Kasey Walker Minnick: Double rainbow over my perfect old man, Gryff. Photo cred to Bri Ambrosic.

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday afternoon on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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