#NoStirrupNovember: Week One

Are you feeling the burn?

Happy #NoStirrupNovember! Equestrians all over the world are united this month in the full-body pain of dropping our stirrups and working to improve our equitation, balance and strength. As they say for… well, pretty much everything, no pain = no gain. If you’re working without stirrups this month even a little bit, tag your posts on social media with #NoStirrupNovember and we’ll share our favorites each week.

We’re one week in: how are you feeling? At this stage, we’re guessing you might be sore, tired, maybe a little grumpy… but stick with it, folks. Life will get easier and you will feel stronger soon!

Putting it in perspective…

But let’s be real.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

#nostirrupnovember they said. Or I’m the most easily bruised ginger on the face of the earth. ????‍♀️

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#nostirrupnovember is kicking my butt. Send help…

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No, no, you can do it!

#nostirrupnovember is kicking my butt and its only day 2 – who else from @lespritequestrian is up for the challenge??

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Need some motivation? Check out the solid leg on these riders, even without their stirrups!


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Or… just look at this face. If this doesn’t sum up #NoStirrupNovember, we don’t know what does.

#nostirrupnovember #cob #faceyourfears #feedyoursoul

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Drop those stirrups, and go riding!

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