Video: Would You Use a Horse Toupee?

Before you panic, that’s a toupee for horses, not a toupee made from horsehair.

Tail extensions are pretty much a well-established “thing” by now — a good, well-crafted extension can fill out a tail that’s lacking in volume and present the picture-perfect look for your performance or stock horse to help him look his best in the show ring.

But forelock extensions — aka “horse toupees” according to this charming video — now that’s a newer one for us. Watch as this horse’s spindly, thin forelock is transformed into a lush, thick mop of hair and then plaited into the perfect braid:

Horse Extensions !

#WTF | PegaseBuzzKim Kardashian n'a qu'à bien se tenir, Pomponette aussi a droit à ses extensions de toupet The Horse Extensions Factory ! Montrez le toupet de votre cheval en commentaire :p

Posted by PegaseBuzz on Friday, November 3, 2017

Would you use a “horse toupee” to achieve the perfect look for the show ring? Tell us why in the comments.

Go riding!

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