SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Ultimate Blanketing Guide

To blanket or not to blanket?

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Every year, equestrian debate rages: should you blanket your horses or leave them naked? Are you a “bad horse mom” if you choose to blanket… or not to? Are we all doing what we should be doing to keep our horses happy and healthy, or getting sucked into vanity or philosophy and sacrificing their well-being?

For individuals who want to make the best, most educated decisions about whether or not to blanket their horses but aren’t sure where to start, our friends at SmartPak are here with everything you ever wanted to know about blanketing.

Unlike many educational tools published by companies or distributors, the SmartPak Ultimate Blanket Destination is not actually designed to sell you blankets: SmartPak simply wants horse owners to make the most educated, well-informed decisions about what to do with their horses this winter.

Within the blanket guide, horse owners will find such sections as:

  • Blanket basics: how the horse keeps himself warm, indicators that you might need a blanket, types of blankets, blanket parts, blanketing glossary
  • Buying a blanket: how to measure, evaluating the fit, problem solving, blanket reviews
  • Using blankets: selecting the right blanket based on conditions, caring for and storing blankets
  • Clipping: when to clip, types of clips, choosing clippers and blades, clipper reviews
  • Ask the experts: vet and groom
  • Blanketing videos

You can easily spend a few hours watching every video and reading every section of this guide — but even as a reference to check for the answers to your specific questions, SmartPak has you covered!

Check out the full blanket guide by clicking here.

Go SmartPak! And go riding.

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