2017 Halloween Costume Contest, Presented by World Equestrian Brands: Honorable Mentions

It’s time for everyone’s favorite Halloween post: the costume parade! Here are the honorable mentions from this year’s contest, presented by World Equestrian Brands.

We received 36 entries for our 2017 Halloween costume contest, and if we could, we would award prizes to all of them! Year after year, our readers blow us away with their creativity, and the horses definitely blow our minds with their patience and good humor.

Our generous sponsor World Equestrian Brands is offering a $150 shopping spree to the randomly-selected winner from tomorrow’s finalist group. Today, we’re happy to share our honorable mentions for this year’s contest:

Lacy and Blake Barineau
When we first got Liam his show name was ‘Code Red’ so our first thought for a costume was an ambulance!
Photo by Tari Vanwinkle

This is my niece Claire and her pony Benny. They are dressed as a fairy princess and her unicorn. Photo by Shannon Casserly

My name is MacKenzie Gillum and this is Oh How Majestic or Majic, we were Cinderella and Charming for a show this summer, and Gus Gus hitched a ride too! Photo by Mary Katke

Cruella Deville and her Dalmatian puppy.
Hailey Smith as Cruella Deville riding Katie/Dalmatian. She even had puppy ears!
Photographer: Lisa Smith

Horse: Katie as an elephant
Rider: Hailey Smith as elephant rider
Clowns: Daniel Brandenburg, Jacqueline Smith, Josh Alcorn
Ringmaster: Ashley Alcorn
Lion: Otis
Photographer: Diane Herrmann

This is myself Taylor Hedrick and my pony Delilah. I am a crayon and she is the crayon box. Photo taken by Liz Ghent

Stephanie Lambert & A little Gusto (“Gus”) are Cinderella & Gus the mouse. Photo by Claire Tyner

Elizabeth Larson, Camden Spires, and Fancy Nancy are characters from the Fancy Nancy books! Photo by Claire Tyner

My name is Grace Netter. The horse I was riding is named Henry Higgins. The other rider is named Millie. Photo by Claire Tyner
We did a Halloween pas-de-deux to a Sound of Music mix, so of course we dressed up as the puppets from the Lonely GoatHerd song. We were the little alpine girls, with blonde braids and real dresses from Sweden, and we altered plus-sized lederhosen and put them on the horses, complete with hats. They were saints. We present to you, the Leder-horsen!

Our names: Emily Whiteford and Jadyn Abrams from Laurens, SC
Horses name: Hula
Costume: The magical Unicorn Hula and her fairies Emily and Jadyn
Photographer: Kimberly Abrams and Gail Whiteford

This picture is of myself and my AQHA mare “Jack’s Zena,” taken by our friend Julia Thompson. Zena is styling a waterproof turnout from Chick’s bought years ago for a different horse and a flower crown, and I am wearing a tshirt I tie-dyed, a hand-made vintage patchwork vest and some cool John Lennon-esque shades. We are “Peaceful Protesters!” (Photo taken at National Equestrian Center, Lake St Louis, MO.)

My name is Beth Behrens my horse is Mo, our costume is Indian Princess on Painted Pony. Photo by Angie Leto.

My grandkids and their horses dressed up in a Wizard of Oz theme and won first place in our local horse and rider costume contest! Jenna Purcell and her horse, Bam, were Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion. Dominic Purcell and his horse, Chili, were the Tin Man and the Scarecrow. The photographer was their Grandpa, Robert Holzer. Unfortunately, he didn’t get a picture of them together, but they were entered and won as a group.

Costume Horses Rock
Rider Abigail Colburn
Horse Just My Luck
Taken by Carolyn Colburn

Rider: Janice Cline
Dressmaker: Nicola Boon
Horse: Xerez de Quintana (Lusitano stallion)
Costume: Mary Poppins (Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious)
Photographer: Jenet Mraz

Sarah Wyrk: I took this picture of my work buddy Jo Jo! He is a miniature therapy horse at Victory Junction, a camp in central North Carolina for kids with special needs and chronic illnesses. Here he is ready to hit the pool for All Aboard week this summer! He walked around for over an hour with the inner tube and sunglasses, greeting the kiddos as they enjoyed summer camp!

Here is me and my mare Mika! Last year I dressed up as a ghostbuster and Mika was the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man! The photographer was my mother, Lori Ferguson, and my name is Katie Ferguson.

My name is Lillian Van Winkle this is me and my horse Lumina a 14 year old Trakhener. We are super girl and super horse ready to save the day. Picture by LNBphotography.

Susan Balkus -Oompah Lumpa
Horse – Henry aka The Golden Ticket
Photo taken by Sandy Balkus (sister)

Name: Sandra Carnet
Horse: Tamara
Our Costume: Witch and the Devil Horse
Photographer: Laurie Wilensky

My name is Kim Smith(pictured) with horse LL Beamer dressed up as clowns for my barn’s annual fall festival. My father William Smith took the pictures.

My name: Sarah Botthof
Horse: Hunter (my patient and tolerant horse)
Costume: Princess riding a Unicorn!
Photographer: Brian Botthof (my wonderful husband)

Rider name: Dani Martindale
Horse name: Jetta
Description: Batman got himself some serious horsepower!
Photographer: Justin Martindale
This costume won us grand prize. Made out of cardboard painted to look like the batmobile and attached to my surprisingly cooperative mare using long thin wooden slats like fills and baling twine. My horse was supposed to be black but after buying all the black hairspray the store had left (12 cans by the way) all I managed was a darker chestnut color

Name: Sophia Kucinski
Horse’s name: Ethel’s A Heartbreaker
Costume: The little mermaid and ursula
Photographer: Alfred Kucinski

This is Megan Mackinder riding her horse “Jake.”
Megan is a bee keeper and Jake is the bee. Megan was dressed head to toe in a full bee keepers suit, Jake had bee eyes, antenna, and even a stinger!
Photograph was taken by mother Pam Mackinder

Keep it locked on Horse Nation on Halloween for the finalists and grand prize winner of this year’s costume contest! Happy Halloween, and go riding!

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