SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: How to Body Clip

For show horses, horses in heavy work in the winter months or horses with specific medical conditions or concerns, a full or partial body clip may be necessary: SmartPak shows us how!

Some horses head into the winter months looking forward to a reduced workload or perhaps a few months totally off, growing in their thick winter coats and using the protection Mother Nature gave them to stay toasty warm on their own. Other horses, however, who maintain a winter workload, head south to show in warmer climates, or perhaps have a medical condition leading to increased hair growth when it isn’t needed may all find that they have too much hair: a horse who sweats in their winter coat may not be able to cool down properly or will catch a chill.

For horses like these, body clipping may be the best solution: whether you’re thinking about a full clip or a partial clip, such as a trace clip, there’s plenty to think about for this process. What kind of clippers do you use? How do you tackle those tricky areas (and horses have so many!)?

SmartPak is here to help!

Feel empowered, inspired and ready to clip your horse? SmartPak carries all the clippers and clipping supplies you’ll ever need!

Show us your clips in the comments section. Go SmartPak, and go riding!

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