Tuesday Vid: Blanketing For Entertainment

“Thanks for the toy, Mom!”

There’s one in every barn — and no, we don’t mean that horse whose owner is always cold and therefore piles blanket after blanket on his or her hapless steed. There’s a blanket wizard in every barn, the horse who can figure out how to wriggle out of all the buckles and straps that take you so long to adjust and apply, even with the power of opposable thumbs.

If you are lucky enough to own such a blanket wizard, definitely don’t show them this video:

What are you doing?!?! ????Highland Dancer: "I don't want that blanket!" ????????????????????Video © GHPC

Posted by Glock Horse Performance Center on Friday, October 6, 2017

It was so nice of “Highland Dancer’s” connections to give him this lovely entertaining toy! Or at least that’s how he’s seeing it.

Brace yourselves: blanket season will be upon us soon. And scenes like this one will play out all over Horse Nation.

Go riding!

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