SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Ask a Non-Rider, Driving Edition

“I think things should go horribly wrong if there were a wheelie.” Truth, friend. The latest edition of “Ask a Non-Rider” is here: don’t miss SmartPak’s non-riders commentating on this driving round!

“There’s a jet in the background!”

“Do you think they’re on a date?”

“You only have your buggy permit right now.”

“It’s our only doctor.” “Oh, the rock and roll lady!”

The latest installment of SmartPak’s “Ask a Non-Rider” commentary series is here: in today’s episode, Jesse, Juan, Mary and Matt watch a driving round and provide their color commentary, doing their best to explain what’s happening in the video while also adding a little, shall we say, flavor to the performance.

We’ll just let these good sports speak for themselves:

Just remember, folks, we are the non-riders in lots of our friends’ and family’s passions. Embrace the non-riders in your life… and keep those cameras rolling.

Go SmartPak! And go riding.

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