Photo Challenge: 35 Gorgeous Autumn Scenes From Around Horse Nation

You might argue that there’s no way to improve upon a beautiful autumn landscape. We argue that anything looks better with a horse in it: here are 35 reader-submitted photos that prove our point.

October is quite possibly one of the loveliest times of year, depending on where you are in the country. In Horse Nation, it certainly lends itself well to some picture-perfect moments, as evidenced by this week’s photo challenge!

Northern Wisconsin. Photo by Patricia Yanuzzi

Photo I took a few years ago of my 20+ OTTB. Photo by Denise Lawson Frank

27 year old Thoroughbred. Photo by Renee Scucci

Martine Howes: Some leaves have changed and fallen, but we are waiting for peak foliage here in upstate NY.
Pic credit: Sabrina Knudsen
Mohonk Preserve, NY

Fall in Red Feather, Colorado. Photo by Michelle Marion Layton

Sarah Barber: Fall at Milburn Lake, Quesnel. BC. Canada.Photograph by Terra Buschhaus.

LR Amie Kestrel CH: Fall in Snoqualmie, Washington photo credit to R Nielsen

At Camp 5 Lumberjack Steamtrain in Laona, WI. We did a cowboy train robbery reenactment this past weekend. Photo by JoJo VanGinkel

Missoula Montana. Photo by Taylor Macrow

Time for apples at SAFE horse rescue, Redmond Washington. Photo by Jessica Farren

Photo by Rachel Eldred

Photo by Catherine Goden

Carly Wilcox: Not much changes here in Apache Junction, AZ… ????:lara curry

A stop at Three Legged Lake, Bloomingdale MI. Photo credit Carrie Carpenter.

Emily Parmenter: Fall in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska. Photo credit Amy Brassard

Fall Sunset, Pennsylavania. Photo: Rachel Stier

Lisa Ingleton: My horse Lacey and me. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Photo by Russell Ingleton.

Besties out for a fall evening ride near the Washington State coast! 10/1/17, photo by Jennifer Munro Ferry

Sarah Mountain: Photo by Bob Komjathy. My horse IA Kaliber and I just before the start of the Metro Park Express 50 mile endurance ride in Milford, Michigan last weekend.

Crisp Kentucky morning. Photo by Kristin Case

The horses were quite pleased to find some green grass after the October snow storm added much needed water to the field.
Cochrane, AB, Canada.
Photo credit Rebekah Chouinard.

Teresa Griffith: Long shadows, golden fields. I took this myself while on an evening ride!

Kimberly Reese: Misty mornings in the Willamette Valley. Photo by Rosie Ekert.

Southern Germany – first trail ride in walk only after a very bad accident. Photo by Daniela van der Berg

Photo by Jamie Maguire

Still green in Central KS thanks to all the rain early this summer. Photo by Susan Buckley

Fall in Oregon. Water on the arena, mud and muck boots. Photo by Christina Brock

Adirondacks, NY by Anne Phinney at Moose River Farm

Fall in Oklahoma – took this a couple years ago of my rescue mare Bella. Photo by Shannon Anderson

Elvira Gevers: This picture was taken during the fall of 2011 in Nieuw-Beijerland(The Netherlands), by my father Jos Gevers. Just riding a block around the stables after an early morning lesson.

#horsenation wanted to know what fall looks like – here is Alberta yesterday mid blizzard. (Photo by me. Brr.)

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Foggy fall morning. #horsenation

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Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday afternoon on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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