Best of JN: Extreme Equine Spa of the Week

You might need to live on ramen noodles for a few years, but this thing definitely seems like it’s worth it.

Welcome to our new series, Extreme Equine Spa Treatments, where we scour the equestrian industry for the weirdest, wow-fullest, most expensive pony pampering mechanisms available. This is both to inspire awe at the technology and prowess of the equine health industry, and also to gawk at the money people will spend to keep horses going for as long as possible.

Today’s featured gadget is quite the show-stealer. If you’ve ever sat and cold-hosed your 16-year-old packer’s windpuffs for half an hour for the umpteenth time and wished you were literally anywhere else on earth, then you’re going to love this one. Not only do you skip the hose management, you also get a temperature regulated, water recycling, concentrated treatment for your main squeeze on all four limbs at once in Equine Saltwater Spa.

Like an ice bath only better, this marine-grade stall allows your horse to walk in and soak quietly without having his feet in ice boots or buckets, and the super-frigid temperatures and salt activate all kinds of anti-inflammatory science-y goodness on the submerged areas and beyond. Moreover, the water is aerated to increase oxygen and circulation during the treatment.

Screenshot via YouTube

Screenshot via YouTube

According to the sellers, it actually not only treats injury, but can also prevent injury as well as disease. Several of the equine water spa sellers note studies that suggest cold water hydrotherapy can treat laminitis, tendonitis, desmitis, arthritis, hoof injuries, shin splints, bruising, bursitis (known commonly as windpuffs), and even open wounds and skin infections.

Pretty amazing, right? Now it’s just a matter of price. A small matter.

Companies are naturally pretty coy about listing exact numbers for these sorts of devices, but we did a little digging and found a used 2008 model for sale for $45,000.

Are you suddenly feeling better about your cold hosing expeditions? Me too.

If you’re a millionaire still interested in one of these fine machines or just want to learn a little more on the science just for funsies, here’s a helpful link.

If you’re looking for a more affordable way to do something nice for old Brutus, Draper Therapies has a terrific line of FDA-approved medical therapy products for practically every muscle and extremity on your beloved beast.

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