World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: Krygyzstan by Horseback

What’s the best way to see a brand-new (to you) corner of the world? By horseback, of course!

Kyrgyzstan might not be often considered as a tourist destination — but after taking a look at the dramatic landscapes in this travel video, we think it might be now on our list. Any place you can trek by horseback is a place we’d like to visit!

A landlocked country in central Asia, Kyrgyzstan is largely mountainous country, relying on mining and agriculture as the foundation for its economy. The recorded history of this nation traces back roughly 2,000 years, and horses have played a vital role in its culture. Historically, the Kyrgyz people lived as nomadic herders, using their rugged small horses to herd their livestock and move their yurts around the mountains and valleys.

Now the opportunity to see Kyrgyzstan by horseback is open to anyone adventurous enough to head way off the beaten path:

With views like that, you can easily imagine that you’re an explorer setting eyes on distant snow-capped peaks for the very first time.

Go riding!

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