Tuesday Video: That One Friend…

Well, he’s definitely getting a good workout that way.

We all have that one friend, the lovable member of your friendship circle who always seems to be the one getting into weird fixes, little sticky messes, strange little scenarios where you all say “well, we’ll laugh at this someday.” He or she is sweet as can be, well-intended and intelligent, but things just sort of seem to happen to them.

This is that horse. He’s not entirely sure how he got into this predicament, but he’s going to keep a good attitude about it and just keep on marching along until he figures it out.

I think he misunderstood the system! Can't stop laughing! ????????????

Posted by Louise Persson on Friday, April 1, 2016

Well, he certainly wasn’t getting into any trouble, and he’s definitely getting a good conditioning workout going backwards the entire time. Whatever floats your boat, there, little guy.

Go riding!

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