’58 Clips of Lainey Ashker Kicking My Butt’

I mean, what else do you need to know?

Some trainers are known for their stern tongue; others are known for their saintlike patience. Lainey Ashker has created quite the reputation online as a fun loving daredevil and self-proclaimed selfie queen. Her style down the centerline and around the cross country course have made her an internet icon for all things eventing and dressage. Riders flock from all over for a chance to stop and snag a selfie with Lainey and grab a few seconds of her infectious personality.

I am not ashamed to admit that when I saw Lainey at Rolex 2017, I made a mad dash in her direction to grab a photo with her and her vivacious mother who I have previously worked with for an article on her epic cross country ride. Photo by Wayne DeLisle

Of course, Lainey’s internet fame runs second to her true passion — competing. Her social media is filled with images and short clips of the young horses she is bringing along for both eventing and dressage. On top of her own riding, Lainey also places a heavy focus on developing young riders and helping them to meet their goals. When you are passionate about the sport, training opportunities with a 4* level rider are the opportunity of a lifetime. Young rider Samantha Ensinger went into her dressage lesson with Lainey prepared to absorb all of what Lainey had to say — and she got even more than she expected.

After reviewing the video from her lesson, Samantha created this hilarious video of her time training with Lainey. “I loved every second of this lesson,” shared Samantha. “Clearly, I loved [Lainey’s] teaching style too, because I spent hours reviewing the ride and piecing these clips together!”

“I’ll never change my style,” Lainey said when I asked if she would mind if I used this video in an article. “It’s my personality and it always comes from the heart to see these riders progress and transform in front of my very eyes!”

Plenty of others enjoyed hearing Lainey’s commentary as well, the video received hundreds of reactions shortly after it was shared online. There were even comments that Lainey’s constructive criticisms were on par with the great George Morris.

There are many things we can learn from watching this video:

1. Lainey is very passionate about what she does.

2. Lainey is also one of the funniest people in the equestrian industry (“In fact my eyes are bleeding”).

3. Lessons with Lainey start when the sun is up and don’t end until its dark outside.

Go riding.

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