We’ve All Been There: Bubble Wrap

“Mommy has me all safe-ified.”

Who HASN’T wanted to do this to their horse at some point in his life?

One of the horse’s greatest talents is injuring himself, especially when the stakes are high: you go out to bring your lovely steed in for a ride/clinic/lesson/big horse show/planned trail ride and you notice that he’s missing a shoe/mysteriously swollen/three-legged lame/bleeding/missing an ear/etc. Many an equestrian has half-heartedly joked about wrapping their horse in bubble wrap to keep them in one piece and relatively sound.

And one equestrian actually did it.

Instagram | @shtintagel

#LOL | PegaseBuzzWhen you want to protect your horse from the vet :p

Posted by PegaseBuzz on Friday, September 15, 2017

We salute this tolerant boy and his game owner — whether this is the result of just having some fun around the barn, or this poor guy is actually on stall rest and his frustrated human decided it was time to go full-on horse-crazy and pull out the wrap, we have to smile, send our best wishes and say that we’ve all been there too.

Go riding.

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