SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: New Catalog Items

What’s new from SmartPak?

There are many reasons that SmartPak is one of our favorite go-to places to shop online for horse gear, rider apparel and of course supplements — one of those reasons is a constantly-fresh catalog with new items that horse people love, because there’s nothing better than treating yourself or surprising your horse with something new or innovative.

SmartPak has just added hundreds of new items from its fall catalog (did you see the banners at the top of the Horse Nation homepage?) so we’ve taken the liberty of picking a few of our favorites to show you:

SmartPak Ultimate Combo Neck Turnout Sheet

I’ve used sheets with neck attachments before and believe me, the rain always seems to find a way in no matter how well you’ve got the whole thing buckled or velcroed together. I’m loving the look of the SmartPak Ultimate Combo Neck Turnout Sheet in one continuous cover over the entire topline — plus it comes with the SmartPak 10-Year Indestructible Guarantee, so even if one of my horse’s pasture-mates decides to tear the whole neck part right off, SmartPak will replace the whole thing for free, no questions asked. (Currently backordered, but put this on your wish list for spring!)

Ariat Stirrup Belt

How cute is this?? I’m tempted to add this to my wardrobe regardless of my discipline affiliation, because this is just such a classy, tasteful piece to remind the world that I’m an equestrian.

Wilker’s Custom Memory Foam Half Pad

Okay, so I’ve never actually picked up and felt this half pad, but I do have a memory foam mattress, and I can tell you that that was a life-changer. I can only imagine how much a memory foam half pad would change the ride for both you and your horse.

Reinsman Maximum Pressure Relief Saddle Pad

Western pads have come a long way in recent years to help support optimal saddle fit and comfort for your horse, and this pad includes technology that wraps right around the horse’s back and shoulder while providing wither clearance. It’s said to be particularly good for broad-shouldered horses.

Piper Breeches: Softshell Winter Full Seat

Like it or not, winter is coming — and thanks to SmartPak, you can still ride in style in Piper breeches designed for the colder months! In soft shell material, these breeches will keep you insulated and warm while also resisting things like dirt and horsehair (and all of the other various barn detritus).

Ariat Premium Boot Stitch Wallet

This is just fun: why not switch up your look for the fall with something new? Whether you ride English or western, this cowboy boot stitch is a cute way to add a little flair to your every day accessories.

Check out ALL of SmartPak’s new inventory online! Go SmartPak, and go riding.

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