Four Horse Shows to Live Stream This Weekend

Forget the tired Netflix routine: live stream any of these four horse shows and treat yourself to what you REALLY want to watch!

John Whitaker on Argento in Rome. Stefano Grasso/LGCT

Thank you, internet, for putting all of the knowledge of ages at our fingertips… so that we may watch horse shows all over the world until our eyes dry up. Here are four shows you can live stream this weekend alone!

Andalusian World Cup

Click here for live stream (the player will say “no live shows at this time” but click play anyway)

The Andalusian World Cup takes place every September in Las Vegas, Nevada, and welcomes all Iberian breeds. Classes include halter, driving, performance, special breed divisions, traditional costume and more.

PFHA Grand National Championship Show (Paso Finos)

Click here for live stream (USEF Network now requires US Equestrian Fan Membership)

We at Horse Nation have made it no secret in the past that we’re totally bamboozled by the Paso Fino championships (the feet, they just move so FAST) so if you have the US Equestrian Fan Membership and some time to kill this weekend, we always recommend this one. Paso Finos are shown in performance, pleasure, classic fino, halter or bella forma, and various additional classes.

Global Champions Tour, Rome

Click here for live stream and schedule

The Global Champions Tour has made elite show jumping more accessible to the lay fan around the world than ever, featuring plenty of exciting video and press coverage as well as the live stream of each event. Look for your favorite international show jumping stars this weekend in Rome.

Central Park Horse Show

Click here for live stream

The horses have taken over NYC! Or at least in Central Park. Friday night features the U25 Grand Prix and the FEI 3* Grand Prix; Saturday features hunters with the special arena eventing in the evening.

Go riding!

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