Photo Challenge: 52 Tongue-Out Horses (Runners Up)

Just too many for one gallery!

Some of our weekly photo challenges just take off like a Thoroughbred out of the starting gate: this week, our call for photos of your horses sticking out their tongues like immature children brought the entries flocking in! To celebrate all of the expressive equines of Horse Nation, we actually had to split this one up into two galleries: the Best of Show will debut this afternoon.

Phyllis Jenkins Myers: Photo by Erin Murphy

Photo by Kat Martinez

Half brothers Ryan and Brady – Ryan looks away as if to say “dude, really?” Photo by Marisa Marmas

My standy- Kevin H -photo credit Kelly Inez Holt

My lovely OTTB The Black Cloud. Photo by Jamie Bertone

There is one in every selfie! PC: Karen Young

Finn out in the snow catching snowflakes one winter. Picture credit: Bette Mann

Was trying to capture a majestic picture with the sun setting in the background. This is what I got… Photo by Carleigh Simpson

Britt Grable: Boogie apparently did not want her picture taken (photo by Denise Sams)

A horse of ours that we sold a while back, sweet Noah. Photo by Audra Rauschen

Clyde a/k/a Doublewide. Photo by Patricia Franz

Photo by Parry Keitzman

My boy Frankie. Photo by Johanna Klein

My niece and my daughter’s horse making funny faces at each other. Photo credit Katie Moulton.

Went to get my horse from the field and this is how I found my “mighty steed”. Let’s just say not his finest hour. Photo credit is Susan Dickenson

Our Falabella Figgy always does this after a drink! Photo by Sian Hughes

Diego, the best lesson horse. Photo by Heather Scanlon

Robert just can’t stay serious for a photo. Photo by Sarah Jutz

Darla J. Michelau: Photo credit: Alexa Siedow

Being twitched is hateful! PC Harley Cozewith

My OTTB Oliver watching lessons. Photo by Bri Ambrosic

My 19 year old paint pony, Rocky. Photo by Alycia Skye Bardon

Andalusian stallions are so majestic, right? Photo by Ainsley Jacobs

Bran mashes at horse shows are the best. Photo by Caitlin Slette

Sport, photo by Holly Roberts

How Cleave feels about working in the summer… Photo by Addie Wetteland

My Arab gelding, Dominion, telling me how he feels. Photo by Kathy Parnell

Not so impressed with his blue ribbon. Photo by Billiejoe Jester

Danielle Capolon Englehart: They told me we wouldn’t win. We did. Bubba had some choice words for the nay-sayers. (Photo by David Adams)

Buddy, 10 yr old OTTB. Photo by Kari Kellett Abdoudou

Jasmine my Sporthorse buddy. Photo by Jessica Prigge

Amira. Photo by Kathy Kindred

Sandman. Photo by Laura Hayes

Cinnamon. Photo by Rich McCarthy

Photo by Amy Mannfolk

Miss American Pie, photo by Caiti Steele

My 27 year old gelding, Wesley.
Photo credit: Ashley Moniz

Can you tell they’re sisters? Photos by Wesley Schroeder

My late girl Sabu’s favorite pastime was sticking her tongue out, though most of the time she held it out the side. Photo by Kristin Case

Photo by Cassie Quick

Stella’s opinion of her new trailer. (Taken with my daughter Kristen, her partner in crime). Photo credit Genie Velez Haynes

Princess Leia showing me what she thought about a rainstorm that came out of nowhere! She’s not a fan of water! Photo by Kate Feudo

Cassidy the day I got her. Photo by Sharon Ann

Parker’s tongue photobombing an otherwise nice selfie. Photo by Anne McKinney

This adorable goofball is my lesson horse Roman. Photos by Reyda Ubeda Brooks

Limit the Risk Photo credit Karen Macleod

Chance enjoying her first winter in Eastern Washington last November. Photo by Jocelyn Mackie

Susie. Photo by Matthew Maiello

Photo credit: Jessica Anderson

I love working with horses!

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Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday afternoon on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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