Photo Challenge: 9 Readers Rocking a Helmet

International Helmet Awareness Day is this weekend! We’re happy to celebrate with these readers who make sure they’re minding their melons with a helmet every time they ride.

We’re happy to see so many readers across so many disciplines taking care of their noggins — after all, you only get one in this life. For this week’s photo challenge, we wanted to see you guys sporting your helmets, and as usual, our readers kindly obliged.

Sarah Borns: Still from video by JDF Dressage

Susan Klotz: 1980’s Wednesday’s Child and I. Photo by Laurel Swan.

Rachel Eldred: Saanichton Field Driving Trials 2016, Vancouver Island Canada, photo credit Maureen Garrity Photography

Sarah Mountain: My horse IA Kaliber and I at his first 55 mile endurance ride, photo by Becky Pearman

Jessie Coe: Selfie skills goes to myself!

Katie Moulton: Photo credit Lois Deberville.

Anita Kennedy: I recently started showing Western too and will always use a helmet. This is from a ranch horse class. Photo by Brian Kennedy.

Elvira Gevers: Every ride with my helmet and bodyprotector: dressage, trail or jumping. (screen shot from a video of my last trail competition, made by Rogier Kuijpers)

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday afternoon on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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