SpectraVET Performance: Epic Mini Costume Class

We’ve seen plenty of costume classes in our day, but we have to admit that we’ve never seen one quite as epic as this.

Costume classes are always full of limitless entertainment — you never know what you will see next! The Youth Costume Class at American Miniature Horse Registry Nationals at the Tulsa Expo Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma was no exception to that rule. Check out these ADORABLE costumes and super tolerant horses!

Youth Costume Class No. 57

Posted by Bj Lazarou on Friday, September 8, 2017

I. Can’t. Even.

Seriously, I want to know how that judge was able to pick a winner. These are all so creative: first we see an adorable pumpkin cart, a great throwback to a Disney classic. Then there is the little stinker who dreams of being a Budweiser Clydesdale — as a Missouri resident, the home of the Budweiser brewery, my heart is melting.

A racecar driver, a very patient dinosaur, quite possibly the cutest fisherman I have ever seen, a fire truck with real lights and many more make the competition even tougher for this costume class. These kids and their families really pulled out all the stops to put on a great show for every at the AMHR Nationals show. I give mad props to the family who got their very tolerant equine into a lion costume to complete their Wizard of Oz theme.

We give the smallest members of equine society a lot of flak for being the ornery trouble makers of the world, but taking a look at this video might change your mind… now to convince myself that I do not need my own herd of miniatures…

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