Tuesday Video: Sidesaddle Fox Hunting

“It’s such an old tradition, and it should be kept going.” This video from The Countryside Alliance has been making quite a buzz!

The comparisons with Downton Abbey are irresistible — but watch this video and try not to slip back in time to when sidesaddle was not an old tradition but a means of riding for women, a way to keep right up with the men while maintaining the elegance of the times.

Sidesaddle, and especially sidesaddle hunting, is experiencing a resurgence in popularity, whether aided in part perhaps by Downton Abbey or fueled simply by another era of adventurous women who don’t shy away from a challenge while still honoring the past. It’s remarkable to see these ladies, who look like they stepped right out of an old English painting, soaring over hedges that would make many quake in their boots. We’ll let these ladies explain:

An Old Habit – The ladies making hunting side saddle cool again

As the hunting season kicks off, we meet a group of passionate (and fearless) ladies who choose to tackle the largest of hedges from a side saddle. The full feature will be available in My Countryside magazine, out Friday 8th September. Get 20% off a subscription here: http://bit.ly/2eHlr70

Posted by The Countryside Alliance on Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hooked on sidesaddle? Here’s more sidesaddle fox hunting coverage to keep you reading:

Go sidesaddle. Go riding!

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