That Friday Feeling?

Don’t try this at home with your own grumpy horse.

On Fridays, some of us are ready to kick up our heels and get pumped up for the weekend. Others among us are grumpy, tired of working and are looking forward to some quiet “me time.”

Guess which one this mare is:

Cydonia Becoming An Actress

#LOL | PegaseBuzzMaintenant vous savez que les juments sont plus de bonnes actrices que de vraies morues :p

Posted by PegaseBuzz on Thursday, September 7, 2017

In all seriousness, don’t taunt your horses at home if you too have a grumpy individual or a horse with a bigger “bubble” — it’s a good way to eventually get into trouble further down the road!

Happy Friday, Horse Nation — and go riding.

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