Thursday Video: Britt Draft Horse Show

You’re either going to love this video or need a strong drink to cope with the nerves. Maybe both.

Britt, Iowa, annually on Labor Day Weekend, becomes the temporary draft horse capitol of the world as a dozen or more six-horse hitches descend for the Britt Draft Horse Show and the world-famous six-horse horse hitch class — in which all of the hitches show at the same time. Typically the large hitches only show three at a time in a coliseum, so to see all of the entries thundering around the ring in Britt is truly a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle.

This year, 17 hitches competed first in two heats of nine and eight entries respectively; 16 of those hitches came back for the final massive performance. Today, we’re treated to a unique view of the Britt Draft Horse Show from the perspective of the Pittman Percherons’ wagon: with Marc Pittman at the lines, this hitch placed second in its heat and fourth overall.

Little different view than normal! Inside the wagon for the lineup of the Supreme Six Horse Hitch on Sunday! Marc Pittman took 2nd place in his heat on Satuday and 4th place overall out of 18 hitches on Sunday! This was the Pittman Percherons first year showing in Britt Iowa and showed against hitches from all across the Nation!!

Posted by Gener Linse on Monday, September 4, 2017

What an awesome perspective — to see and hear the teams working around you, the rhythmic pounding of trotting feet accentuated by the jingle of harness and creak of wagons. This is true sensory experience.

The 2017 Britt Draft Horse Show was won by the Yoder Family Hay Company… but as always, we think every team who contests this challenge is a winner just for finishing. The amount of orchestration and careful planning it takes to organize this class and get each team to reverse and lineup without a wreck is enough to give most people gray hairs!

Go driving!

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