World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: Team Chase

Don’t mind a little NSFW language in this video — we’re pretty sure we’d have a few choice words to say about the size of some of these hedges ourselves.

If you haven’t had your coffee yet this morning, this week’s Helmet Cam might do the job of waking you right up with a little shot of adrenaline. Ride along with Tash Ivings in the Team Speed Chase at Warwickshire, England as she and her three teammates race as a team over a two-and-a-half mile course with about 25 obstacles, all against the clock. (Yeah, there’s a little NSFW language in there too — oops.)

????For anyone asking me if they can share my video-go ahead no need to ask that's why it's public! Thanks for asking though ???? Headcam video!! Sorry for the swearing and me not being able to breath think I was blowing more then the horse after! ???? didn't realise how much I got after her but adrenaline took over! But Didn't even need to use my whip once! Absolutely over the moon with millie today!! 4th in the speed team chase at warwakshire with only 4 seconds in it for 3rd and 12 for 1st! She was amazing considering it was her first time ever team chasing and jumped everything! Some of the hedges were massive and very cringy when walking the course! ????Go Snaffles Orange Is The New Black! ????Thanks Liffie Fowler and Alex Whittington for being top grooms! ???????? and well done liffie and spritz in the hunter trials! So so proud ????

Posted by Tash Ivings on Sunday, August 27, 2017

Team chasing is a popular sport in Great Britain, with events held all over England in the fall season: teams of four riders thunder out over the course together with the goal of going fast and clear. Three refusals, two rider falls or one horse fall is grounds for elimination.

Team chasing got its start on the Hickstead Estate and has grown into a national sport, combining an equestrian skill set honed in hunting, steeplechasing, eventing and show jumping into one exciting event. Riders from all four disciplines have been successful, and team chasing is affordable and a great way to bring the team element into horseback riding. Learn more about team chasing at the British Team Chasing website!

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