Thursday Video: When Horses Dream…

… what do you think they dream about? Watch this video and speculate.

Social media allows us a glimpse into the everyday life at some of the best and biggest outfits in the horse business, from show jumpers like Beezie Madden and Bertram Allen to eight-horse draft hitches like the Blue Ribbon Days Percherons. Today’s adorable video comes to us from Lane’s End Farm, one of the premier Thoroughbred breeding farms in the nation.

What do you think this young Thoroughbred is dreaming out? (Turn your volume up for maximum effect.)

Derby Dreaming ? Turn your volume up #stretchrun#lanesend #horseracing #horsesofinstagram

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Winning races? Bringing Breeders’ Cup glory home? Fulfilling the lifelong dream of most colts of being a famous breeding stallion?

Okay, so it’s more likely that this guy is just dreaming about romping with his friends in the paddock or maybe digging into a great big pan of grain. Horses are fairly simple creatures, after all. But who knows? Maybe some day we’ll have the technology to discover that all along horses have dreaming as big as the stars.

Go riding!

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