Photo Challenge: 22 Brands

Hot brand or freeze brand, these horses are sporting some unique marks!

Branding is still a useful way to add an identifying feature to horses. Some breeds, including mustangs who have been adopted through the BLM or Standardbreds, still require the brand as a permanent form of identification; other breeds, including many warmbloods, include the brand as a verified indicator of a horse’s breeding. Whatever the case, here are # reader-submitted horses sporting a unique brand!

Rescue org freeze brand, at his forever home. Photo by Teresa Baldwin

-w- wright’s quarter horses. Photo by Sara Housman

My rancher friend gave me this AQH as a weanling. Had her freeze branded before giving her to me as her only mark is a small white star. She is 4.5 now. Picture by Sarah Heavilin

My daughter’s mustang pony, Once in a Blue Moon.
Photo: Tracey Woods

Miki Przybylski: My Mustang Mare Iskra. Photo by AeroEquine Photography

Karly Ann: Matching my mustang on competition day. Photo by Sherri Portenier.

Victoria Heacock Macpherson: BLM freeze brand on my mustang mare. Photo by my daughter, Rachel Rudometkin.

Remi. Photo by Carson Nelson.

This is our OLD girl salley. 25+ yr old BLM mustang. Photo by Adam Faust

Left shoulder of filly I bought last August. Photo by Deanna Freng.

Parker, my 18yo Standardbred. Photo by Anne McKinney

3 year old gelding recently purchased from a NC feed lot. Photo by Jackie Gibbons Wammock

Argentine WB photo by Terry Emmitt

My baby girl just got approved! Photo by Kelly Lucas

Imperial B of the BWP. Photo by Jamie Bales

My beloved Nogal. Photo by Karen Boates

Hanoverian H-US on my lovely 23yo mare. Photo by Tracey White.

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