Thursday Video: The Carrot on a Stick

Turns out, it actually DOES work.

Remember in cartoons and comics when some wise guy manages to get the stubborn or dull equine (sometimes it’s a horse, other times it’s a donkey or mule) to move with the good ol’ carrot on a stick? You know the look — a sort of fishing pole with a carrot as bait, dangled in front of the hapless horse’s nose to lure him forward. As a kid I remember rolling my eyes. What a silly method.

I take back all those juvenile eye-rolls this morning. Because as it turns out, that whole carrot-on-a-stick thing actually works out pretty well. Observe:

Tag your friends who should try this! ???????? – via: @asafogle

Posted by Horse Planet on Monday, August 14, 2017

See? If all else fails, it turns out that maybe those cartoons actually got it right.

(Disclaimer: the carrot on a stick should not be substituted for a regular training program. But for equestrians with a sense of humor and an appetite for fun, give it a shot and take a video for us.)

Go riding!

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