Got a Talent? Tell Us All About It!

Just a few days left to enter your audio talent in the Horse Radio Network/Horse Nation Equestrians Have Talent contest!

We know that equestrians are a multi-faceted people: yes, not only can we control thousand-pound animals by flexing our butt cheeks and wiggling our fingers, but we can also organize, plan, lift heavy objects, fix stuff, drive trucks, multi-task and more. All those other good side effects from being an equestrians — the responsibility, loyalty, resourcefulness, patience — can loan itself well to plenty of other talents as well.

We know you’ve got a talent to share, whether it’s your ability to sing soothing songs to your horse while he spooks at his own shadow, compose rhymes about the other boarders at your barn or tell epic stories from your latest horse show adventure. Maybe you’re the best darn reader of dressage tests in the entire world. Whatever your talent, however humble you think it might be, we want to hear it!

Maybe you’re like this guy:

Horse Radio Network, joined by Horse Nation, is hosting the inaugural podcast Equestrians Have Talent on the Stable Scoop show. Any audio talent is welcome! 

Entries will be played over the podcast airwaves on the Stable Scoop show throughout early September, co-hosted by the Horse Radio Network’s Glenn the Geek and Horse Nation’s Kristen Kovatch. Winners each week will be determined by listener and reader vote, with a finale planned to crown the first-ever Equestrians Have Talent Champion!

Dust off that musical instrument, warm up your vocal chords and find that random talent you always knew you had and never got enough credit for — there’s a trophy and a year’s worth of bragging rights on the line. Submissions are welcomed in two ways:

  • Email an audio file to [email protected] with “TALENT” in the subject line
  • Leave a voicemail at 859-474-0261

Entries are accepted through August 28, 2017! For more details, visit the contest website.

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