Thoroughbred Incentive Program Youth Ambassador of the Month

Meet Eliza Cart!

Photo by Laura Bradley Siegle

T.I.P. presents August’s featured Youth Ambassador: Eliza Cart. Eliza, 15, is from Virginia and participates in hunters, jumpers, and cross country with her Thoroughbred Hank. She started participating in T.I.P. last year, and brought Hank to the New Vocations Charity Thoroughbred Show, Presented by T.I.P., at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Eliza Cart (15, Virginia)

Registered Jockey Club Name: Ho Hum Ho
Show Name: Ho Hum Ho
Barn Name: Hank

How did you start riding?
I was born on a horse farm, so my parents made sure I was as comfortable in the saddle as I was on my own two feet.

What is your favorite thing about riding or your horse?
My favorite thing about riding Hank is that I am always comfortable, but always challenged and growing. I also love how honest he is, you can see everything he is thinking by just looking into his eyes.

What would you like to do when you are older?
To be honest, I have too many ideas to pick just one. I love animals and children, so I love the idea of working with animals in their natural habitat or being a kindergarten teacher.

Photo by Elizabeth Cart

More Fun Facts

How many pets do you have (and what kind)?
We have four horses, five dogs, two guinea pigs and one hamster.

What is your favorite animal (apart from a horse)?
I love sting rays! On vacation, I got to feed and swim with hundreds of them.

What is your favorite color?
My favorite color would have to be green because it is the color of nature, something that I have always loved.

What is your favorite food?
I absolutely love arugula salad and macaroni & cheese.

What is something unique about you?
Something unique about me is that I love doing service projects and traveling. I recently went to the Dominican Republic on a mission trip. I also keep a running list of all the places I want to go and all of the cultures I want to experience.

What is one word that your friends would describe you as?
One word that my friends would describe me as is loyal.

Photo by Rough Coat Photography

What is your favorite quote and why?
My favorite quote is “I smile when I catch God watching me through the eyes of a horse” by Kevin Weatherby, because horses are so similar to God. They walk with you and always carry you when you need it the most.

What do you think the most important aspects of horsemanship are?
For me, the most important aspect of horsemanship is knowing your horse. You have to know everything about them, what calms them down, how they react to things, how your position effects them, what jumps they like, what jumps scare them, what kind of treats they like, etc. The only way to be successful is to be completely in-tune with your horse.

What is one thing you would like to tell people about Thoroughbreds or the Thoroughbred Incentive Program?
I would love to tell people my story in hopes that they would go and pursue their own career with a Thoroughbred. I would tell them how loyal, brave, kind, strong and intelligent Thoroughbreds are, along with the people that help them. I want to show people that Thoroughbreds are a top choice for any discipline.

Photo by Rough Coat Photography

What are your goals for your horse in 2017?
My goals for Hank in 2017 are as follows: I want us to compete in as many shows as possible, go to the Kentucky show in September (New Vocations Charity Thoroughbred Show presented by T.I.P. and T.I.P. Championships), do a horse trial, always get the left lead, no rushing jumps, and to strengthen the bond between horse and rider.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
I would love to include that Hank and I are always learning from each other. He has taught me so much in the time that we have spent together. He is always honest and doesn’t pull any dirty stops. He absolutely loves jumping and will always take the longest spot possible. I also wanted to include how thankful I am for my trainer, Olivia, who has stuck by my side through good times and bad and taught me so much.

Photo by Walter Cart

The Thoroughbred Incentive Program was created by The Jockey Club to encourage second careers for Thoroughbreds when their racing days are over. The T.I.P. sponsors Thoroughbred-only classes and high point awards as well as Performance Awards, special year-end awards specifically for Thoroughbreds. The T.I.P. also recognizes non-competing Thoroughbreds through its Young Rider program as well as a special award for Thoroughbreds in careers such as therapy horses or other non-profit outlets.

To learn more about the Thoroughbred Incentive Program, please visit the organization’s website.

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