The Horsey Haircut That Destroyed the Internet… & More

It hurts, but you can’t look away.

Horse owners can be a bit particular when it comes to the grooming care of their horses. Hunter-jumpers are constantly trying to achieve the perfect pulled look while many breed competitors or western horses aspire to have long, luscious locks. Bangs, however, have never been a popular fashion statement in the horsey world. Take a gander at this photo that has been making its way around the internet showing off a somewhat tragic, albeit kind-hearted haircut of rescue horse Sammy.

These notes are funny until you are the one the notes are directed towards… oh dear.

Of course, as the story unfolds it came out that the trim was made with the best intentions. A kind volunteer felt that Sammy’s forelock was bothering him and thought he would help out and make him more comfortable. I can’t shame a dad that has the best interest of the horse at heart, so props to you, dad — just place the scissors down and everyone will be happy!

And where there is one, there is bound to be more. Take a look at these reader-submitted photos of a handful of horrible haircuts that might make your skin crawl….

Photo by Jennifer Abel-Bogash

“I honestly didn’t think he would look like Moe from the Three Stooges,” said Jennifer. While we see the resemblance, this little cutie definitely comes in cuter than his human doppelganger in our minds!

Photo submitted by Lauren Kasden

They say a good set of bangs will really accentuate the face… I’m not sure that applies to horses. “My sister JUST sent this photo of the TB she rides,” says Lauren.

Photo provided by Olivia Coolidge

This one… well, this one is kind of cute in a OMG NO kind of way. I think the longer mane definitely balances out the bluntness of the bangs… right? “This horse is very old and her forelock gets in her eyes which causes her to get eye infections,” said Olivia Coolidge. “So my sister asked if she could cut it for my Grandma and she did this!”

Photo submitted by Julia Kranz

“My lessor did this to my horse last week,” said Julia. It makes it a LITTLE more tolerable when you find out that her lessor is only 10 years old and most likely did this while her mother was not around. Julia doesn’t mind, “my love is blind for this horse. Hair grows back, heart horses come only once possibly twice in a lifetime.”

Photo by Chloe Ras

Chloe snapped this photo of her friends teaser stallion. “I think his bangs are becoming all the rage in Europe,” she said. And we agree! Lots of famous showjumping stallions in Europe are sporting the blunt bang… wonder if this trend will catch on here in the States?

While this may not be the desired look for everyone, we think these horses and ponies shine through their questionable haircuts. Besides — hair grows back and it gives us something to giggle at!

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