World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: Driver’s Seat

We’re back in the driver’s bench with the Blue Ribbon Days Percherons — complete with commentary explaining what’s happening!

We love helmet cam videos (or similar, even if the camera isn’t actually attached to someone’s head) but one thing we wish we could have in addition to the sound of thundering hooves, the wind whipping by and the breath of the competitor doing the filming would be a running commentary of what we’re seeing, why the horseman is choosing to do what he or she is doing and what to expect to see next. Hearing from the equestrian in the video is the best way to learn more about a discipline with which you might not be familiar!

Fortunately, the good folks at Blue Ribbon Days Percherons take their role as ambassadors for draft horses very seriously — and their latest live video on Facebook detailed part of the process for getting their award-winning Percheron mare six-horse hitch ready to show. Turn up your volume and listen to the description of the hitching process, learn a little bit more about the mares and listen to that wonderful cadence of twenty-four big hooves working in unison!

On the way to the ring to the Percheron Six Mare Hitch.

Posted by Blue Ribbon Days Percherons on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

In a whirlwind summer tour, the Blue Ribbon Days Percherons are off to the Iowa State Fair next, and we’re sure fans of the hitch will see many more videos and snippets of the draft horse show life in coming days.

Did you like getting an explanation of what you’re seeing on the way to the show ring? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Go driving.

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