Product Review: Noble Outfitters All-Around Boots

New look, same old comfort.

Remember when I reviewed the Noble Outfitters All-Around Boots last year and admitted that I liked almost every single thing about them… except for what I felt was some unattractive tooling and embroidery on the tops?

I think maybe Noble Outfitters was listening. Check out the Square Toe Autumn boot:

Photo by Kristen Kovatch.

Let’s see that again, close up:

Photo by Kristen Kovatch.

Yum. That’s exactly the kind of look I love in a cowboy boot — that old-school traditional swooping scroll that makes the boot a work of art, even if I ride in boot-cut jeans. (Why does it matter so much to me what the shaft of the boot looks like if it’s hidden under my jeans all the time? That’s a musing for another day.)

Lest you believe that I was entirely bamboozled by some fancy embroidery, fear not — I’ve given these boots a thorough wearing, including going riding, doing chores around the farm and a few days at a horse show running from what felt like one end of the show grounds to the other (literally at a run, some of the time).

Photo by Kaitlyn Bentley.

Noble Outfitters didn’t change the boot itself — just the look, which is fortuitous as there were a number of features I loved the first time around and am falling in love with all over again with the Autumn boot:

  • Broken in right out of the box: no blisters, no calluses, no weird rubs through your sock. The leather is nice and soft and the boots have essentially no breaking-in time at all.
  • Molded performance insole: it’s about time that the western boot world caught up to the athletic world with insoles that actually stand up to a full day of riding and working, and the All-Around Boots fit my feet like my running shoes. After a long day schlepping over the show grounds, I can tell you first-hand that a good insole makes a difference.
  • Steel shank for stability in the stirrup: swinging in and out of the saddle to open gates as well as working cattle and riding on some rugged terrain means that I want to be able to feel my stirrup but also have a good base of support in the sole. The steel shank provides that support without adding weight to the boots, so I can still bum all over the farm all day long without feeling exhausted.
  • Physio Outsole: I’m not such a traditionalist that I shun a treaded synthetic outsole for a leather sole — I like having that grip both in the saddle and when walking around. The Physio Outsole provides just the right amount of tread so I feel secure without also feeling like I might get hung up in a stirrup.

With a beautiful, rich dark brown foot with my favorite square toe, combined with these performance features and of course that gorgeous teal shaft, Noble Outfitters has really knocked it out of the park with the Autumn All-Around Boots. At $199.95, these boots have a comparable price point to similar performance boots from other brands.

Photo by Kaitlyn Bentley

There are plenty of other styles of boot available, all with the same great features for both men and women — browse the collection of All-Around Boots at Noble Outfitters!

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