Tuesday Video: Archery at Top Speed

We’re in awe over the fastest, smoothest horseback archery round we’ve ever seen!

Mounted archery is rapidly gaining new fans and followers all over the world as more and more equestrians are exposed to this high-paced sport. Rules and regulations vary somewhat from organization to organization around the globe, but in most associations riders are encouraged to use a traditional horse bow without a shelf. Many riders seek Mongolian, Hungarian or Asiatic style bows to keep these traditions alive.

Combining two intricate skills — archery and horseback riding — is quite a feat, even at the most basic level of walking and shooting. This master and his incredible horse, however, make it look like a high-speed dance.

Archery Horse Riding

This is insane!! ???????? Emil Eriksson

Posted by People Are Awesome on Saturday, August 12, 2017

Now imagine a hundred or more of these horseback archers in battle, and you can see how such a force could be effective throughout history. While today the skill is practiced purely as a hobby, it’s an awesome way to keep traditions alive in a competitive environment.

Have you tried mounted archery? Share your experience in the comments section!

Go riding!

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